Pre-order your meal

If you have a limited time for your lunch break you may like to consider pre ordering your meals so they are served at a pre-determined time.
This is available for groups up to 20 guests.

It’s a simple process to follow
1. Contact the hotel on 8373 2700 to make your booking in our restaurant and let us know what time you will require your meals. (This will be subject to availability)
2. Download our current a la carte menu and pre-order form
3. Fill out your selections
4. The daily specials can be confirmed by phone by 11am on the day
5. Record the date and name of booking
6. Note the time you would like your meals served. Please remember that this is the time we will plan to have the meals ready for service.
7. Fax the pre-order form by 11.30am to the hotel on 8373 3083 or email to
8. Contact the hotel on 8373 2700 to confirm we have received your order.